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Chai Giving Club


     What is one thing that hospitals, universities, community outreach centers, and Chabad at Rowan have in common? They all rely on the support of the community to offer much needed programs and services to people of all backgrounds. Whether you have attended one or a hundred Shabbat dinners or holiday events at Chabad at Rowan, or are simply an admirer of the work we do, you know how important it is that we are here for students, offering them a way to connect to and learn about their Judaism while studying in university.


      The Chai Giving Club is a unique opportunity for alumni and supporters to give back to the Jewish community. Your monthly donation combined with dozens of other chai club members' monthly donations, enable us to continue offering Shabbat dinners, High Holiday services and meals, Chanukah and Purim celebrations, and Passover Seders, along with a kaleidoscope of opportunities for Jewish education and experiences. Chai means life. The word Chai, made up of the letters Chet and Yud, have a numerical value of 18, making this number special in Judaism. (Other amounts are available too.)


      For just $18, another students can eat at a Shabbat dinner; a Mezuza can be purchased for a student's dorm room; or three more students can have lunch with an educational class on Judaism. For just $18. Less than dinner & a movie.


     To show our appreciation for your dedication, all members will receive an annual gift from Chabad at Rowan. 


Help brighten the Jewish tomorrow!


To join please fill out this secure form below, and you're in; it is that simple!

If you are on a phone or can not view this properly please clear here.  


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