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Passover 2020

Seder To Go Kits

We find ourselves in very trying times. Across the globe most Jews will be celebrating Passover alone this year. We want to help you celebrate and/or brighten up your holiday.

For those students will not be able to make it home and are in Glassboro, we will be providing you with a full Seder To Go kit. Everything you need from A - Z.

We are also offering Shmurah Maztah (the special round hand made matzah) FREE of charge for ALL Rowan students. 

Please fill out form to get yours!

Passover Recourse Site

Making a Seder or Passover for the first time this year?! Have your seder plans been nixed/drastically changed?! 

We welcome you to check this mega Passover recourse site filled with recipes, stories, texts, DIY guides, videos and much more. There is also a special section directly dedicated for Coronavirus and Passover content.

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