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Updated Sept 2020
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Chabad at Rowan University is looking forward to continuing to provide a safe Jewish community life for the students and faculty on campus. 

To that end, Chabad will follow all safety recommendations and protocols offered by New Jersey State, Rowan University, and the CDC. We have been in constant communication with Dr Henry Fraimow from Cooper Health, Rowan University administration, Chabad on Campus International, and some parents to create a comprehensive plan for our reopening. Together, we will monitor the below recommendations and adjust accordingly. 


It is important to note, that if you are uncomfortable with coming to any in-person event then you should not feel pressured in ANY way, shape, or form, to attend such events. There will be many virtual events and “To Go” opportunities for you to take advantage of. Please know that our community is bigger than being physically together. 


For those who wish to attend, below is our plan for Shabbat Dinners and other communal events:


  • All dinners/events will take place outdoors or in an open tent at the Chabad House.

  • Students will be required to wear a mask and keep a distance when not seated at their place to eat.

  • Tables and chairs will be set up with 6 ft. distance between guests.

  • RSVP will be REQUIRED (there will be NO walk ins).

  • If you are feeling sick, then STAY HOME. Unsure? Stay home. Absolutely no symptoms will be allowed to attend any event.

  • A Covid Survey will be required before entry

  • For now, the dinners will be capped at 20 STUDENTS. 

    • If the situation improves and the dinners are running smoothly we will add to this number.

  • At this time all food will be pre plated and served to your table.

  • If this proves to be too difficult there will be a buffet with shifts to limit lines forming.

    • While waiting on line for the buffet, students will wear a mask and keep 6 ft. distance from each other.

    • There will be multiple buffets in different areas to limit crowding.

    • The food will ONLY be accessible to the servers on the other side.

    • Each student will order their food from the server who will then hand them a ready plate.

  • Server/s will be wearing gloves and facemasks.

  • All kitchen employees and servers will be required to be screened prior to coming to the Chabad House and their fever will be taken when reporting to work.

  • Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each event.

  • Additional disinfecting wipes will be available for students who wish to use them.

  • Additional masks will be available at each event.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the area.

  • There will be clear signage indicating the above expectations, capacities, and further and/or change in instruction.


If these guidelines and protocols are adhered to and the events are running smoothly then that will enable us to continue to provide these in-person events (so long that they follow state, Rowan, & CDC guidelines as mentioned above). If these guidelines are not being followed that will force us to reassess the situation and we may not be able to continue to provide this for the community. So please stay safe, follow these guidelines and together we will have an enjoyable, meaningful, and safe semester. 

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